Is this building/shed worth saving?


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Is this building/shed worth saving?

We bought a fixer upper and we're slowly trying to do just that. In the backyard there is a shed. It's a wood structure with shingles and two windows. It was previously ---a longgg time ago used to store the pool pump and yard equipment. It has a cement floor. The wood itself seems ok, but once you step inside, it is moldy smelling, and anything that is stored in there that can get moldy, will. There are no leaks in the roof, unbelievable since the singles are ancient.
What is causing it to be moldy? It even smells moldy when you walk in.
If it's savable, I'd like to repaint and reshingle and put new windows in and drywall the inside. There was electricity in there at one point. All the wiring is still there and the switches, but it doesn't work now. How do I get rid of the dampness and mold? and where is it coming from?
You can barely see it in this photo, but its there, way in back.

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Is this building/shed worth saving?

If it is structurally sound it is probably worth saving. Since it is existing ("grandfathered" by codes), no permits should be required for repairs.

A slab on grade can be expected to have some moisture, especially since an old shed would not have a vapor barrier under the slab.

Judging from the appearance, there probably is very little air circulation, which would be needed to eliminate the odor.

Operable windows and some venting would go a long way toward providing the needed ventilation.

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I agree, I would put in a couple roof vents. I like oder sheds and barns so I would want to keep it if were on my property. Think creatively about the structure and how you can use it. Ever see how people turn little sheds into secluded on room get-a-ways?
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Thanks for your advice. I would like to keep it and fix it up. I was just worried about the moldy smell. If that can be taken care of, great!

Most people on my street do have these buildings on their property and a lot of them have converted them into one room get-aways. That is exactly what I had in mind.

Thank you both.

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I think that the shed you have back there is pretty cool..since many people do not have it secluded way back there..

i would suggest putting in some ventilation vents near the top of the structure. New windows that open would be great..(preferably awning windows, where you can either crank or push out to open, these would be great because they are hinged near the top, and swing out, so you can leave them open when it rains, that way the water rushes right down to the ground, and away from the structure; this is what awning windows are specifically engineered for)

If you are designing the structure forhere are the possibilities)

1)worshop, studio, storage...hang fluorescent shop lights and peg board.
2)Living area, hang out, rec room...put a up a ceiling fan and recessed lighting
3)Plan to just fix it decorating needed.

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In addition to the ventilation that has been suggested you could wash the insides with a mild bleach solution and then use a large fan to circulate the air to help dry it out.
Leaving the door open with the fan running will help the moisture escape.

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