How to tear-down 'Old' Metal-Shed

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Question How to tear-down 'Old' Metal-Shed

There is an old metal 'Arrow' shed that was purchased and DIY about 25 years ago. Now, we want to replace more modern and larger shed on that site.

My questions is;
How to tear-down the old Metal Shed that appears tough to challenge, due to age and some rusty screws on the top/roof?

Is there a way to tear down old Metal Shed without a professional help?
If it's possible, what form of Tool do we need for tearing-down an old shed sitting in our backyard for many years?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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the neighbors old metal 4X4 Dodge comes to mind. A good run from 100 feet away should get enough speed to take care of the old metal shed.

Just kidding.

if the screws are beyond able to be removed, I would look at a sawzall to simply chop it into pieces small enough to handle.

How big is the shed?
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Not all sheds are assembled the same way. You want to start at the top and work your way down. You will likely need a hammer & pry bar to remove screws. Maybe a chisel could be used to knock off the screw heads. Then, remove the sides. You may need a reciprocating saw to cut through sides and screws. Once you get the sides off, then you can remove any cross members and then the beams. Knock down sides. Depending on how the framing was done, such as if its a single piece of metal that supports both the sides and roof, then these can be knocked down individually.

You might find someone who collects scrap metal to sell to tear it down for a small fee. If you DIY, you will need to haul the material to the dump if your area does not provide pickup. Waste management in some areas will pick up for a fee.
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Like twelvepole said it depends on design

I had one about that old. Plain ole simple steel shed.
I just unscrewed it from the floor and rolled it over and stomped it flat
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Pinecone - if you go on craigslist and look in the for sale/wanted section, there are always people on there advertising that they are looking for scrap metal and will perform "free removal" (at least in the NJ and Philly CL). You might want to go on there and see if you can find someone to come take it away.

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