Constructing building on hill


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Constructing building on hill

I am wanting to construct a 30x50 shed on a hillside. In the 30' it probably drops 5'. Unfortunately this is the only location that will work. Recently I saw a guy putting up a building on a hillside and stopped to talk with him. What he did was put the poles up on the hillside. So the tops where all level. Then he attached 2x12's to the outside of the posts on the lower sectionis so top of the 2x12's was level with the high side of the hill. Then he attached plywood to the inside of the posts, so now there is a cavity between each post. He then poured concrete in this cavity. He had rebar added and folded over to tie into the floor eventually. He then put sand inside the building to create a level floor then pouring concrete over the sand. I hope this makes sense. I am wondering if this is a valid building practice? Seems like its easy and cost effective, but just want to make sure it will work? Anyone have any thoughts.
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Constructing building on hill

Sounds like a little shaky and temporary to me. Not many details to inspire confidence. It sounds like a pole building with some "seat of the pants" retaining walls to keep out the dirt.

If all you want is a building to work for 10-15 years and have questionable value after than, then it could work.

Probably could not build it in many places unless you founs someone to call it a starage structure.

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Many municipalities have requirements for permits once the building surpasses a give size. Check with your local government. The foundation specifications for your 1500 sq. ft. building may be mandated in the local building code.
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For a shed that big that method sounds shaky to me. If you're going to get a permit (which you should unless you know you're in a location that won't make you take it down), the inspector will tell you what is allowed.

Typically, what would be done is to lay a concrete block wall to build up to level. The concrete block wall will have appropriate size footers that are below the frost line.

With the block laid you can fill with dirt that is compacted and then pour a slab. You could also install joists and have a crawl space, but a slab sounds better for your application.

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