What can I do to upgrade my sunroom?


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What can I do to upgrade my sunroom?

I have a sunroom addition, which is all glass, single pane, ceiling and walls. It is metal framed. It was appealing when purchasing the house, but now, it's just an awful problem area. In the summer, there is no shade from trees, and it gets unbearably hot inside it, and even though we don't use it, the heat of the sunroom affects the temperature inside the house. To help with the heat problem, we open all four tiny screened vents, which then makes the inside super dusty, but barely helps with the temperature problem. In the winter it leaks, and the windows have some kind of algae that doesn't wash off. We haven't done anything about getting a shade for it because of concern of damage to any fabrics or materials from the leaking problem.

Is there a cost effective way to upgrade it? Would it be better to just tear it down and build a nice covered deck?

Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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A small window AC unit would help to dehumidify the room and help to prevent the algae from growing
There are also free standing portable AC units if no wall is suitable for mounting

Window tinting would help alot

Is planting a tree out of the question?

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