Greenhouse panels get cloudy....


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Greenhouse panels get cloudy....

I have noticed on several greenhouses that after awhile, the clear panels get cloudy and (apparently) there is no way to clear this up.

Is there any material that will not get cloudy after exposure to the elements?
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Greenhouse panels

I built a greenhouse using Plexiglass (brand/trademark I suppose) sheets. They turned a milky gray/off white in about two years and nothing would remove the fog. I replaced them with acrylic panels. (I don't know what the difference is between Plexiglass and acrylic -- it might be a different name for the same product. The acrylic was heavier, thicker.) The acrylic panels took about four years to start turning milky -- a sort of slightly orange-brown off white. Finally I replaced them with the tradition greenhouse product -- glass. It cost a lot more and I have to replace one every year or so, but the bulk of the panels have been in place, working perfectly with no clouding, for 20-21 years or so. I haven't found anything other than glass that held up over the long term.
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Degradation of plastic and acrylic occurs, making glass the best option.

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