16'x20' Shed Roof Help?


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16'x20' Shed Roof Help?

I'm looking to build a standard gable roof 16' x 20' shed. I'm looking for a 3/12 pitch with 1' overhang all the way around. The ridge will run along the 20' direction (so it'll be a 16' span). I'm figuring on 24" OC spacing.

What are the suggestions for the roof? It'll be sheathed with 7/16 OSB, tar paper, and shingles. I am getting prices for pre-built trusses, but I'd like to investigate building them myself or maybe even stick building with a ridge board running down the middle and rafters coming from both sides.

I'm in Maryland, so snow load is a slight consideration. I am getting a permit for this - so I'll find out exactly what the county will require -- I'd just like to have some ideas before I go to them.

I've figured a design using 2x4's for a standard 'W' truss but once I lay it out for a 16' span and a 3/12 pitch it really looks super overkill. If I were to go with a ridge board and rafters, what sizes should I use. I have some older books with spans indicating that a 2x6 would be fine for a ~10' span (on each side), but I can't find anything about the center 'beam'. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
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I would use trusses rather than hand building a joist and rafter system. Trusses are stronger, they will pass the plan check without any questions or problems, and they are faster and probably cheaper than anything you build yourself.

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