need advice re. small backyard shed


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need advice re. small backyard shed

I've finally gotten around to tidying up the side of our house so that I can build a small shed. I'm thinking of using it to store some of our larger ugly stuff (eg, wheelbarrow, lawnmower, rakes, etc). Also, I'm guessing it might be safer to put my gasoline/propane tanks in it instead of keeping them in my garage.

Anyway, here's a pic of the side area:

Just in case it's not obvious, I plan to build the shed over the dirt area. If I build the shed all the way to the gate, the length would be 12'. However, if I build it shorter to allow the gate to fully open, then the maximum length the shed could have is 8.5'. (The width in both cases would be 3' to allow sufficient space for the paver walkway. I haven't settled on a height for the shed, but my neighbors are fine as long as it's no taller than 10".)

I took some pics of the gate in various positions, and laid some rocks just to better illustrate the path of the door:

My first question: Would you go with a 12' long shed, or would you leave room so the gate can fully open? One reason I'd leave space for the gate might so that I can store our yard waste bin there. At this time off the top of my head, I can't think of anything else, though. What would you do?

My next question is regarding shed plans.... Here are my door requirements:
1) I want the shed to have a door at the lower left hand side of the picture. (Sorry about the junk in the pic--I forgot to move it out of the way beforehand.) The reason I'd like a door there is so that I can conveniently roll the lawnmower into the shed.
2) I also want the shed to have a door of some sort along the length of the shed so that I can easily access other stuff (eg, wheelbarrow) without having to first remove the lawnmower.

Any idea where I can get plans for a shed with these specs? (FYI, as a first time homeowner, I try to be handy whenever possible, but I don't have a whole lot of experience just yet. I do have basic tools, though, as well as a miter saw and circular saw.)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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This posting no longer shows up in Community Forums > Garden and Outdoor Center > Greenhouses, Sheds and Sunrooms.

Any idea what I did wrong? If not, I'll simply resubmit my posting.


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