Questions on plastic greenhouses


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Questions on plastic greenhouses

This is from:

Plastic Greenhouses
Plastic greenhouses are increasing in popularity because:
Construction cost per square foot is generally one-sixth to one-tenth the cost of glass greenhouses.
Plastic greenhouses can be heated as satisfactorily as glass greenhouses.
Plants grown under plastic have the same quality as those grown under glass.
Plastic greenhouses are sometimes considered temporary structures and usually carry a low assessment rate for tax purposes, or may not be taxed at all.

Plastic greenhouses are sometimes can be made of polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), copolymers of these materials, or other readily available clear films. Plastic coverings will have to be replaced more frequently than other glazings.
I was just wondering how environmentally friendly these plastic materials are. Has anyone had experience with a plastic greenhouse discoloring? How do they rate with a real glass greenhouse?
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Plastic is not environmentally friendly. Anything made with chemicals is not 'green.'

There are concerns with plastic greenhouses, most significantly the degradation. For more info on plastic vs. glass greenhouses:

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