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Underground Greenhouse


My husband and I are just getting our house finished, and I have to admit I have my heart set on a nice greenhouse. He doesn't like the ugly look that a lot of greenhouses get (the ones that use the plastic instead of glass) and I don't blame him, they are rather unsightly. Plus, it's nice to have uninterrupted views.

So we came to a compromise. If I can figure out a good way to have a greenhouse that is underground except for the roof, we'll build it. I've come up with ideas on the fencing around it (we have kids, have to have a fence so they don't get on the roof of it), stairs going down, etc. The main problem is, it's in a minor flood plain. Apparently it's a 100 year flood plain (like a foot of water every 100 years) and I don't want to lose whatever we plant if that hundredth year happens 2 years after we build it.

So I was thinking...concrete block walls, with a stone facing maybe, and either stone or brick floor in it. But I'm not sure it will work, and googling doesn't seem to be helping. I've found many different topics....but none are what I want. Most involve a very nature-oriented type greenhouse. Pit greenhouses, Pankar-huyus or Walipinis. While those are commendable and quite informative, that's not what I'm thinking of.

I want glass. Maybe plastic works better, I don't know, but I agree that a couple years down the road, plastic sheeting looks horrible. Old and cheap and not something I want in my back yard. My garden in this greenhouse is going to be a pleasure garden - I live here because my husband has very good work here, but I miss the lush vegetation I grew up with. So this is to be my pleasure garden, maybe a few cooking herbs, maybe some grapes, but mostly the goal here is a beautiful place to go relax and enjoy life. I would love to have a hot tub in the corner....if I can guarantee it won't get demolished in a flood.

So...hmmm, any ideas? Comments? I know I'm new here, but I really want to do this right. Hehe and I want to put a nice finished layout out for him to see that it's do-able, not just a pipe dream. So any suggestions would be wonderful, and thanks in advance.
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Have a couple contractors come out and give you bids on this - I think you're going to be unpleasantly surprised at the cost of this project.

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