temporary patio enclosure


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temporary patio enclosure

I have a covered patio attached to the house by a sliding glass door. It is 15' X 18'. I live in Dallas, Texas and our winters are not that extreme, but I have some very large tropical plants that is beginning to be a chore to bring into the house during the winter. They are in containers on casters, but they are still very heavy and I don't really have the room in the house.

I would like to enclose the covered patio with some type of heavy plastic product that can be removed or rolled up in the summer. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could use (the local home improvement store doesn't have anything), where to get it, and how to hang it or install it. Also any other suggestions about how to keep the area "temperature safe", not below 40 degrees.
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Me too

I have the same issue. My reason however is for my dogs. They do well doing the summer with a small pool, plenty of shade, fresh water, fans and water misters, but the winter gots me worried. I noticed restaurants with outdoor patios enclose their patios with a heavy type materials, but I can't find online where to check on these stuff.
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Post photos and maybe we can offer suggestions.
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Have you ever seen the white plastic covered insulation they use on pole barns? I have seen pole barns with this installed as outside walls. It appears the stuff is attached to the top of the wall and there are ropes going around the insulation top to bottom. When you pull the rope it folds up the insulation much like fan-fold blinds.

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