shed as studio...???


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shed as studio...???

I'm thinking about putting a shed in my backyard to use as a studio for music. I currently have a bedroom in my house that I use for this but my wife and I are expecting our second child and I will have to clear out this room in the near future.

I went looking at sheds over the weekend and from what I can see with the construction, there seems to be no reason why I cant insulate, sheetrock, run electrical and electric heat inside. My cousin has a shed he purchased from the same manufacturer over 10 years ago and he has not had any problems and I took a look for myself and all seemed fine. My question is, do people do what I am describing here? I am only looking for an 8 x 10 max sized shed and where I live I dont need a permit as long as its under 100 sq ft. I know that once I get into electrical permits are required and I have no problem doing that. My main concern is with the shed serving as a suitable place for my music equipment based on how I would like to finish it off. I figure if I insulate the floor, walls and ceiling, sheetrock and install a heat and small a/c and put an alarm in, I should be fine. The shed I am looking at is a dutch barn style and I was suprised at how well it was built....30 year shingles, ridge vent, 16 on center studs, vinyl siding etc.

Being I only need an 8x10 space, I figure this is the cheapest route to go by getting a shed thats already premade, so long as it will be safe enough for my things. ANY thoughts on this would be very much appreciated. I am in the beginning stages of doing my due diligene and dont want to do anything that will jeapordize my valuable equipment.


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Are you sure an 8x12 will be big enough? It might fill up pretty quick with equipment and a few friends.

I assume you would need to both heat and cool the space to protect the electronic equipment.

Before you set the shed you might want to check to see if there are any set back requirements. I'd hate to pull an elec permit only to find I must move the bldg.
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A bit of a heads up is that once you wire, heat and finish the interior your "shed" may no longer be considered a shed for zoning purposes.
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Mark, Greg...

thanks for the input. The size I looked at will be perfect for what Im doing. Im not recording full bands and my set up will be confined to one end of the shed on a desk. Bigger would be a plus but Im trying to keep it under the 100sqft if possible.

Having heat and a/c will be necessary and I was considering electric baseboard and a small ac that I would put in the wall. Im just trying to figure out if the shed I am looking at getting will be sound enough for what I want to do. Or, would I be better off getting a contractor to build one according to whatever town requirements there may be for the heat, electric etc. I know this will increase my taxes but as long as its not an unreasonable amount, that would be fine. My main concern is the protection of my things. The construction of the shed Im eyeing seems to be very well made and I see no reason why I couldnt insulate, rock and do all the things stated.
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How will you insulate under the floor?
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good question....shed manufacturer indicated in brochure that they can insulate the floor, although I have to ask how exactly.
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