Greenhouse Frame 2x4's?


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Greenhouse Frame 2x4's?

We are building a 10ftx16ft greenhouse. I was going to use 4x4 post for the frame but money is kind of tight but i want something more then a pvc greenhouse. Instead of the 4x4 size can i use 2x4's? I would have the 2x4 in the ground with concrete for the supports and frame the roof with 2x4's. I would have 11 2x4 support posts. I just wanna know if the whole frame is made out of 2x4 if it will be sturdy enough. We are going to be using heavey duty plastic sheeting.

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2x4's are not sufficiently treated for ground contact. I would suggest 4x4 posts at the corners and one 4x4 midway on each side. Then use 2x4's above ground to frame the structure.
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I agree with wirepuller. Years ago (30), I was thinking greenhouse. I researched (library) some books, and saw old time farm buildings - barn, etc., with how to . One was a pigs' barn. Made with a 4x4 bottom rail on each side, with 1x2's attached, each bent to an arch. With 1x2s running horizontally, spaced every 2' apart, that kept the staves inline. One end framed a door, the other a solid wall. Install thermostat fan in gable end, high up. I guess it was popular at the turn of the century. (Minus the plastic roof and fan.) Be safe, GBR
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And I wouldn't put ANY wood in the ground, treated or otherwise!!

Pour a slab and attach your framing to that. That's permanent. Something less permanent would be to build a wood floor on pier blocks, and attach your framing to the wood floor.

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