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I have just built a simple 8X10 greenhouse structure. I have a oil type heater in it but have only it on 60 so far. (I live in the Pacific Northwest) Has anyone had luck with starting seeds for the spring and how do you manage your greenhouse for the home gardener. Have been trying to find some books, but no luck for the simple type of greenhouse. I did have great luck with starting cuttings from geraniums!
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deborah -

you may want to post this under Gardens....

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A catalogue from a seed supplier will give instructions on starting seeds ahead of time. Their seed packets bear the information as well. You will not find the information on store-bought packets. I start mine indoors. I find the top of the fridge, where the coils dissipate heat, works best until the new sprouts require sun.

Some seeds will not germinate unless frozen at some time. The seed flats are vulnerable to a fungus called "damping off" if poorly ventilated or kept too warm after sprouting. There is an inexpensive solution to prevent this. Check with avid gardeners and try to locate even a previous issue of a catalogue. It will tell all you need to know. Good luck.
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Thank you for your reply. I am having some problems with green moss growing on the peat pellets also. I am thinking that I probably need to have a fan to move the warm air around the room a bit. Now that the sun is out more, the temp is up during the day. Things are really growing, but some not to well. I didn't know about the seed/freezing thing. Maybe that is why some seeds just sit and get covered with green. thx again.

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