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I'd like to build a lean-to type greenhouse against my garage out back and would like to know where I can get plans for such an undertaking.
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Hi djlen,

Excellent information is contained in a book called "How to Build & Use Greenhouses" by Ortho books. This book is usually available in your local library and also in garden centers. Pp. 53-63 are specifically on solar greenhouses and pp. 7-21 are on heated/cooled greenhouses.

These pages show everything step by step (clearly and well illustrated) from marking the outlines of your footings to plans, dimensions, construction, etc. In addition the book also contains info on building free-standing models.

You will also need info on heating, cooling, humidity control, benching, ventilation (automatic or manual), placement of heating/cooling units, etc.

Go for automatic venting if at all possible. This needs to be planned for during the planning stage. Thermofor is one company that makes vent openers. For a small greenhouse where temp swings can be dramatic and VERY RAPID put these in if you can at all do it. They are really quite inexpensive. A step up from these are automatic ventilation fans, thermostatically controlled. Cost is still reasonable.

A second book called "Greenhouse Gardening" by Sunset Books has excellent information on setting up and using a home greenhouse including trouble shooting for plants/insects, how-to growing info (it's not like outside). Also, info on growing specialized plants such as orchids, vegies, etc.

The above 2 books should get you well on your way to enjoying your own greenhouse. It's a magic world especially in the dead of winter with 3 feet of snow on the ground.

While at the library ask your reference librarian if he/she can get the following books for you to take a look at through inter-library loan. "How To Build Your Own Greenhouse" by Elvin McDonald, "The Greenhouse Gardener" by Elvin McDonald, and "Greenhouse Gardening Made Easy" by Jack Kramer.

These 3 books not only give info on building and sizing (no matter how big you make it in one year it will be too small) but also give month by month what to do when. Also, complete cultural info on a LARGE number of plants suitable for greenhouse growing.

As a retired commercial nursery owner who started years ago with her own small backyard greenhouse I can tell you that you are in for a wonderful experience.

Best - Ladybug

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