Shed Door STUCK shut

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Exclamation Shed Door STUCK shut

This is a problem my boyfriend and I have been trying to figure out how to fix for a few months now. We live in an apartment, and we have a typical small attached outdoor shed on our patio. Whoever constructed the storage shed was an idiot b/c they made it where the door opens into the shed, not away from it. So something heavy fell inside the shed and it is against the door. No amount of pushing the door open will dislodge whatever has it stuck shut. The hinges are on the inside so we can't take the hinges off and remove the door. What the hell do we do? There is a ton of our stuff in there, and when we move we will have to get it out. I am scared to tell the landlord for fear they will charge up some unreasonable amount to get the door pried open. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please Help!!
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Just a thought. Can you see the hinges or where they are? If so, it might be possible to make a cut right on the hinge and open the door. It would probably do some damage, but replacing the hinges will get it back to working.

As for cutting, a metal cutting blade or if you can squeeze a saws-all in there, just guessing.

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Are there a removable "stop strips" on the outside? If so I would remove them and see if I could pry the door forward just enough to insert something thin to push the blockage out of the way.
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What kind of siding is on the shed? I ask because if there is vinyl siding, I'd remove a couple pieces and then cut a hole in the sheathing with a skilsaw. U just made yourself a new door. Save the piece you cut out so it can be nailed back on.
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If something has fallen and is bracing the door solidly shut then I would not work on opening the door. Even if you cut the hinges or pry at the molding the stuff inside is still holding the door shut.

I would contact your landlord and let them know what happened. If you damage the building you may be charged for full repairs. If you don't pay the repair bill you may find yourself in magistrates court being charged legaly for the damages. If you just let the landlord know up front they might take care of it for free and give you a stern talking to, or just charge you a P.I.T.A. fee. I am a landlord and I prefer if the tennant tells me and lets me do it properly. Most tenants end up doing more harm than good when they pick up a tool.

How the shed is built will determine what to do. They might be able to remove the outter trim molding from the door and work at removing the whole door assembly, fame and all. There is probably brick molding on the inside that will have to be pried or broken off. If the door is a no go. Attacking the wall is a good option. As mentioned if it is vinyl sided you can remove the siding and cut a hole in the sheeting between the studs. If it is covered in some 4'x8' paneling the whole sheet might be pried off and if done carefully could be re-used.
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By all means tell your landlord! You make an excellent point about the shed being built wrong, with the inswing door. I'm assuming that there were several sheds built like this, and the landlord needs to be made aware of the problem.

The solution will probably be removing some siding to gain access to the shed.

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