Storage shed building plans


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Storage shed building plans

Would anyone happen to have any building plans for an 8 x 16 storage shed?

Thanks for any help.
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Google "shed plans" and you will find lots of them for free or for sale.
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I've built over 100 sheds, and no 2 of them have ever been alike.

First, the size. Depending on where you're at, an 8' X 16' shed will probably have to have a permit -- it's over 120 sq. ft. Check with your local bldg. dept. about that.

What will you be using the shed for? Storage, but storage OF WHAT?? I've built them using full 96" 2X4's as the wall studs simply to raise the ceiling a few inches because of what the customer planned on storing in the shed.

Door width for access comes into play. A single 32" or 36" wide door works in some cases, but other times a pair of double 24" or even 30" wide doors works better, depending on what is going to be put in the shed. (If you'll be storing your riding lawn mower in it, make sure the opening is wide enough to get the mower in and out of COMFORTABLY!!)

The list goes on and on. I have never used a "standard" design, either out of a book or on-line. There are always other factors involved that have to be worked into the plan.
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lefty.. LOL I'm glad to hear someone else has the problem of "no 2 of them have ever been alike". Every time I build or help build one I say I'm going to draw up these plans and keep them for next time. Hasn't happened yet .

mtburg71, as lefty said, there are a lot of variables that allow you to add functionality to your shed. About 4 sheds ago I built one with all 2x4 shelves between every stud. The home owner loves it and every shelf is now full. Pre drawn plans are great, but once you change something, you need to know how to adjust everything else. Don't hesitate to ask as a lot of us find these fun, especially when you have to do all of the work and we just advise .

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Shed Plans

Have you decided on a style? Will the "front" be the 8' side or the 16' side?
The dimensions suggest a single pitch roof; or a double pitch gabled roof if the front is the 16' side.

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I'm looking at building a 7'X12' shed with a lean for the roof. I would like to put the door within the 7'. I plan to stow a lawn mower and other lawn tools as well as 20 storage plastic boxes (my wives things she wont let go) I am in the military and need help with some plans. I do not want windows. It will be placed on a concrete slap at the side of my house. The slap is an extexnsion from our house. I picked 7' wide because I have about 9' of width on side of house. I plan to have shed 1' away from house. I live in San Diego. I need to know what type of wood for foundation, siding, and roof. I also need measurements. I would like to clear my garage out of all this clutter so I can get my man cave back. Please help.
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First, check with your local bldg. dept. If you have 9' of space from the side of your house to what I assume is your property line, can you build anything in that area, or would you be violating your setbacks? Obviously nobody in here can answer that question. Setbacks not only vary from one jurisdiction to the next, they also vary from one neighborhood to the next. (What you may or may not be allowed to do can be very different from what somebody 3 blocks away can do!!)

If the shed is allowed, then take a rough drawing to a local lumberyard or big box store (like Lowe's or HD.) They have CAD programs that will plan everything out for you as well as providing a mat'l list, and the service is free. The expectation is that you will buy from whoever does the design for you.

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