shed foundation


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shed foundation

okay. so i'm building a 10x8 shed. I'm trying to do the foundation and i'm stuck and frustrated.

I'm using 2x6 pressure treated joists. I bought the lumber from lowe's and low and behold they aren't cut true. one was 121.5 inches and the other was 122.5 inches. So i've cut them down to 10ft even.

here's where i've hit my snag. they won't square. i've spent two days moving them left and right, front and back. I've scoured the interwebs and while there are free plans available, NONE of them include the diagonal measurement to ensure that they are square. The outside measurement needs to be 96" (8ft).

Can anyone provide that information? if i had this number i would know whether or not i was close and what i should be aiming for?
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Pythagorean theorem:

A + B = C
96 + 120 = diagonal measurement
153.67" is your diagonal (outside measurement)
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Square Foundation

What Mitch said or:

Get the two diagonals equal.
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roof pitch question:
if i have a 96" outside to outside measurement:
my run is 48". I want to do a 4/12 pitch. So my roof frame needs to be 64" right?

Run divided by 12: 48/12=4
Pitch rise times run: 4*4=16
Run plus pitch rise for a total length of: 64"

is that right?

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