Building a multi-purpose storage shed


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Building a multi-purpose storage shed

Hello all!

Well, it's time for a new project. Have been wanting to do this for a while now, but really haven't had the means or drive to do so. Anyways, I am wanting to build a storage shed in my back, or side yard and have a few questions. First, let me say I live in the North Fort Worth area of Texas.

1. Is there a size limitation where all of a sudden pulling permits becomes necessary for construction of a non-permanent shed? I'm wanting to build something in the 10x16 - 16x20 range.

2. When putting together the foundation, I've read that gravel should be used with stone piers or blocks. Approximately how much gravel should be used? What's a recommended amount for a certain size? Also, how much coverage should I expect from a specific load? (E.G. 1 ton, etc.)

3. If I'm going to run electric out to the building, does that all of a sudden make it a "permanent" structure? If so, I may consider alternate means.

This shed will be used to store mostly yard stuff such as a mower, rakes, shovels. It will house a motorcycle or two for part of the year. Will also be storing a handful of large storage totes for various household items. I have looked into building plans and have a lot of ideas, but would really appreciate some direction. Thank you!
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Here where I live, no permit is needed for sheds that are under 100 sq ft - anything bigger requires a permit.

I'd suggest contacting your local zoning office, they should be able to tell you what permits you need and what's required to pass inspection.
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All your asking has to do with codes in your area. All townships are different.

Also the cost of materials are so expensive that is cheaper to by one already made. Then they deliver it and roll it right on the pad you made for it.

It would have cost me about $5000 to build my shed. I bought for $2800. And the quality is the same.

This is what I got in my area and I am sure you can find the same.

Welcome to Oaktree Sheds

They give you prices so you can see all the options. Just build your own.

Mike NJ
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Just call you local inspections department. They can properly answer all your questions.

Around here (NC) the big difference is permanent or temporary. If there is a foundation (concrete slab, footers or pilings into the ground) then it is permanent and falls under the building codes. If it's something you could drag across the yard then it's temporary and does not fall under the codes.

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