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8x12' shed has to be lifted!!any ideas????????

8x12' shed has to be lifted!!any ideas????????


Old 04-26-11, 07:27 PM
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8x12' shed has to be lifted!!any ideas????????

My one shed,...... was made of wood a few years ago.I it set it up 8""off the ground, i must now lift it up. so air can circulate underneath it.I have three roll-around car jacks-- 3 tons each.
Where do i put these jacks ------or how do i lift this shed with them. Any clues to this or tricks you can share with me on the subject. I have to come up 10" or so this time, cement blocks are what i was planning to use. this is a cost effective job. it has a wood floor and is one i got from home depot.
i have never listed one up before. I can't build them but can't afford a frontend loader to do this. thanks for anything bob s
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Old 04-27-11, 06:14 AM
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Hi Bob,
I think it was Archimedes who said, give me a lever long enough and a place to put it and I will move the world. If the shed is relatively empty, a simple lever and some blocks will lift one corner at a time so you or a helper can slip in some spacers. You should look underneath to find a good place to support your lifting and allow room so you can add to your current blocks. Once you get the knack of it, you can lift, move or spin your shed as you wish.

Example, if you were to place new supports at 4' and 8', then when you lift one end you are only picking up 1/3 of the weight. As those support points get closer together, assuming everything underneath can handle it, you can essentially lift each end with one hand.

Be sure to use stable supports for those temporary lifting spots so there is no chance of it falling off. The jack can also be used if you can get them under there, just work it up an inch or so at a time on alternate ends.

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Lifting Shed

Oops, Bud. We were typing at the same time. Sorry.

You must do this in the same way that you would eat an elephant "one bite at a time".

Seriously, you can do this. You will need a helper. Begin with a long heavy metal pry bar. Use the pry bar as a "fulcrum and lever" to lift one side or one end a couple of inches. Have your helper slide some pieces of 2x lumber under the 2 corners which are lifted. Then go to the opposite side/end and do the same thing. Continue raising by increasing the height of the fulcrum under your pry bar. When you get high enough to use the jacks, place some pieces of 3/4 in. plywood under the jacks so the jacks will not sink into the ground.

Be careful. This is dangerous work. One slip and you can crush a hand or arm.
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Thanks you fellas! i have a better idea of how this is done,now bob s

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