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Cool Shed help

Hello, Just going to get straight to the point im sure your all busy. lol

I'm looking at buy a new shed 8 x 6 but I'm not really sure what to buy, ship lap or just overlap.. Ship lap must be better cos it costs more? True or not that's why im here..

I'm also going to be insulating the inside with loft insulation I have left over from doing my loft, what kind of boarding should I use to cover this? Chipboard? Hardboard? I'm really not sure..

The shed is not going to be used everyday, just once or twice a week with a small sofa in, somewhere to sit in the evening.

Thanks for reading and please give advice.
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For both your interior and exterior I think it mostly comes down to what appearance you want and how much you are willing to spend. Sometimes things are more expensive because they are more labor intensive to install or because the material is more expensive but it may not be related to quality.

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