Mice prevention required!!!!


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Mice prevention required!!!!

I had a shed built recently and unfortunately it was not built high enough from the ground. Living adjacent to open fields the field mice are an obvious problem. I have recently found holes leading under my shed around the shed but nothing has been found inside. Because the shed is essentially ground level is there some type of barrier that I can install around the lowere end of each wall that would be anchored in the dirt then sealed to the shed wall. Not sure if that is an option or not but I would like to figure something out soon before the weather change is more permanently here in Chicago.


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If mice or rats want in, they will just move to an area you haven't protected. Bait traps or mouser cats would be your best deterrent.
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It also could be moles or voles. You can dig a trench around the base of your shed and attach hardware cloth (coarse heavy duty screen) to the perimeter and bury the bottom edge of the cloth about a foot into the ground. But as Chandler mentioned the animals will still be present. You will just be making access to that one area more difficult so they will likely go somewhere else. For me it's a garage door we leave open on a nice fall day and then I find a mouse in my work boots when I put them on .

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