Shed door


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Shed door

I need to replace my shed door. Years of sun, not enough paint, and the wrong kind of wood, it is almost useless. What I would like, is one of those roll up steel doors, but that is out of my price range. It is a 4 ft x 7 1/2 ft. The door now is 2 2ft doors. Would it be better, to put just one big door, or two smaller doors again.
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Pictures would be helpful. If you have problems posting them directly in the forum, put them on a free site like photobucket and post the URL.

A single 4' wide door or double 2' wide doors -- that's your call. Either way works, and I've done both.

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I'd think the 2 doors would be simpler...since that's what you have now. Less issues with hardware changes and such. A single 4' door will put twice as much weight hanging from a single side.

Consider your clearance when the door swings also. A 4' door will require you to step back out of the way as it opens...the 2 footers, not so much.

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