Shed with tree house on top?


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Shed with tree house on top?

I am getting ready to buy a house in Oklahoma. One of the things I'd like to do, is build a 10x12 shed with a tree house on top for my daughter. Has anybody ever done anything like this? I really have no idea where to start. I've built a lot of things before. Never a building though. My original idea, was to get some 4x4 posts that are 16 feet long, concrete the first two feet into the ground (hard packed red clay in Oklahoma), and have 14 feet sticking above the ground. I'd build onto those. After reading on this forum, it sounds like that's probably not the best idea. I'd like about 8 feet of ceiling space for the shed, and about six feet for the tree house part. Thanks for any tips!
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The first thing you should do is check with your local permit/zoning office to make sure they will allow you to build it. They would also be able to verify any requirements they might have on building the structure.

I'd probably start with a monolithic slab and build it like a small 2 story building. IMO, the hardest part will be making a roof/floor that serves both purposes and doesn't leak.
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How old is the child? Keep in mind that she may not want or need to be more than 6' off of the ground to feel that she's really up there, so it probably makes sense to have the upper floor as low to the ground as you can stand to make it safer.

If I interpret this right, you essentially want to build a very small deck with enclosed under-deck storage. There are systems for water collection and diversion to keep things stored under decks dry, basically one uses plastic panels mounted between the deck joists to channel the water toward gutters at the ends, and then drain the gutters off somewhere.

The downside will be if she drops anything between the deck boards, it may be difficult to retrieve it.

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