Ramp Slope for Lawn Tractor?


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Ramp Slope for Lawn Tractor?

I'm laying the foundation for a shed for a lawn tractor and I'm concerned about the ramp. There's a bit of a slope and as it turns out the side with the tractor door that needs a ramp is going to be higher up than I expected. It could turn out to be as high as 24". I planned on a six foot long ramp (inclining part), so at 24" high, that would mean the ramp extends out about 5' 10". Is this too steep of a grade for a lawn tractor?

24" is the highest it would be. It might be more like 20" high depending on how things work out. My question is, is there a rule of thump for how steep a ramp can be when using a lawn tractor? I can still move the location for the shed and return/buy different lumber to make a longer ramp if necessary, but I'd sure rather avoid both those options if possible.

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The main issue you are going to have is not the angle of the ramp...but the clearance for the deck as the front wheels go off the ramp on to the flat floor.

I'm sure one of the carpenters or lawnmower guys will be able to give some hints. I'd probably have to do some sort of trial and error testing with a couple of 2x6's and some way of jacking up the end on the ground.
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Got a picture of the site?
Trying to picture why a shed would be that high.
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Pix will help. You will see most metal loading ramps for lawnmowers today are arched just for the reasons mentioned by Vic. Those last few inches are a killer.
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I'd be interested in some advice or interest in this as well. I've been framing my shed bit by bit when I get a day off here and there. The floor was framed using 2X8 lumber sitting on 4" deck blocks which are sitting on patio stones to disperse the weight. I'd have to measure to see how high up the floor is off the ground, but I'm sure the ramp is going to have to be bloody long so the mower doesn't 'belly' out when it leaves the ramp onto the floor of the shed.
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Hmmm.... It's a cart before the horse problem. It's a custom shed so I could change the door location, but due to issues not worth explaining, this is the best location. Basically the shed it on a slope that's higher than I expected in a mulched area. I'm not going up or down the slope to enter the shed, so that's another problem which demands some kind of small earthmoving to create a more level ramp. Long story short, I think I'm going to have to play with it a bit and see how it turns out. Respond back when I can.

Thanks for the feedback.

Gunguy: Great observation about the top of the ramp. I hadn't even considered that.

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