Is a tent gazebo a pain in the neck to own?


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Is a tent gazebo a pain in the neck to own?

I bought a Garden Oasis Gazebo... Garden Oasis Hexagonal Gazebo: Dress Up Your Yard with Gazebo at Kmart The say that they are not capable of standing up to any kind of winds. So I am wondering, if anyone knows, Are you expected to completely disassemble this thing every time the weather man says a storm is coming? Thats a LOT of screws and pipes and bars. How does this work? Any thoughts?
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If the wind does not get it the UV will. There good for about a year, after that the fabric starts to fail.
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I had one similar but smaller than that. Also didn't have the side curtains.

I never disassembled it in strong winds...but I did take the top canvas off when storms were coming. It was just attached with velco ties that you wrapped around the supports. 5 min to remove, 15 to put on. If your frame slides through pockets or loops...that would be a bear to do. I also had the legs anchored in the ground. I used 2' lengths of rebar with a bent U shape on one per corner.

My canvas lasted 3 yrs or more before a seam failed and I gave the frame to a neighbor. She used some sort of sheer material and made it all fancy looking. I took it down every fall after hosing it off, put it up every spring after cleaning and treating with a spray on water repellant. Not sure if the spray helped with UV or not, but it was for tents, bimini boat tops and probably so. Mine was only about 7'x7' or so, but still took 3-4 cans IIRC.
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I bought one of those too and it lasted about a couple of years, but didn't look too great before we hauled it off. The fabric looks dull and old by the 3rd month and you do have to go out there and pull off the top every time there is a storm. It's not a whole lot of work, but when you have unpredictable summer it is a pain in the neck.
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I've had a wood trellis-walled version for about 10 years now. I'm on my 2nd roof and I think this is the last year for it. Time to order a new roof. They do fade fast, but only the top side. Still looks great inside. I have the corners anchored--after the wind flipped it a couple times the first season
The roof fabric has never come off in winds but over time all the ties rip out of the seams and increase the odds of it taking flight.

I intended mine to be a temporary shelter on a temporary deck hurriedly built in time for my 1st daughter's graduation party. I think I got my money's worth!

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