Shed Salvage.


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Unhappy Shed Salvage.

Well here goes this story and I hope I am not the only person this has happened to. So...My wife bought my a nice new 10X14 steel shed from Lowes which I excitedly put up that weekend. Now I live in Oklahoma and should have gone ahead and bought an anchor kick(you can see where this is going) prior to putting it up. Well about two days later and a stormy evening I go outside to check on stuff and I find my nice new shed in my neighbors field quite torn up. I haven't been able to recover it yet because his field was quite muddy(one of this weekends many projects). So I guess where I am going with this is has anyone had any luck or heard of anyone being able to rebuild a torn up shed. Its a 500 loss if I don't try to salvage it. My other though is digging in some corner posts and then framing it up with wood and then using the recoverable sheet metal. Any thoughts or advice would be a great help.
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Almost anything is possible with enough work and/or money but much depends on the condition of the shed. Hopefully yours just rolled along like a tumbleweed with minimal damage. Until you get a look at it (and post some pictures) it's premature to panic.
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I think I would swallow the $500 and get another one... and chalk it up to "lesson learned", rather than put effort into fixing up the old one (unless it really is easily salvageable.) Maybe Dane is right and it's premature to pass judgment on it.

I guess I would be reminded of my mistake every time I went out to that shed and saw the dents and dilapidated shape it was in, or cuss the doors that won't open right because of bouncing and rolling through the open pasture. And my wife would probably jab me about it every chance she got too. All that said, i think I'd want a new shed that I could again be proud of.

I wonder what Lowe's would say if you brought it back with your receipt and asked to return it. Heh heh! Sorry... that prospect struck me as funny.
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I'd take the money and build a real wood shed or buy one already built.
Those metal sheds are a pain. You'll soon find the doors are near impossible to keep working right, they rust out.
One good strong wind and as you've seen there destroyed.
My dad had 2, of then that he spent hundreds of dollars trying to fix the doors, remaking them. making a wooden frame inside it to keep the roof from caving in, trying to seal the roof to stop the leaks.
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I would have a hard time choking down a $500 loss. I would think there would be some salvageable material off the thing. Even if you can't restore it to a shed-like structure, you could at least use it for parts for something.
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Depending on it's current condition, I'd probably salvage what I could and build a shed. I've never been fond of those metal shed kits - they tend to get too hot, roof is too low and as mentioned, the door is open a royal PITA.

The same thing happened to my stepson only when his blew away it did some minor damage to the neighbor's truck
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Well got the shed moved back to the yard today it is pretty well a loss. I am thinking of salvaging some panels and maybe making a chicken coop or something(as long as I don't end up with cooked chickens in the summer). Almost every support beam is bent and twisted and a lot of the sheet metal got torn up. I think I am gonna try and recover a little money by taking what I cant use to a metal salvage place and chalking it up as a costly hard lesson to learn.
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