sealing a shed for warmth


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sealing a shed for warmth

hi there
iv a shed witch is quite cold in winter and im in the process of making it warmer and keeping the heat in and moisture out. theres brick wall on the inside and insulated stud walls on top. the walls still need sealing paint before there finial coat, so that will help a small bit with retaining heat and keeping out moisture.
the main gap outside is the one between the timber wall and conctete wall below.
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iv tryed silicone but its abit messy with the damp coarse inbetween any ideas on a finial finish up on that part ? the brick wall is under that black protector witch is roughly a foot aboue ground level. cheers and a happy new year
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I hope that you don't plan to paint the brick. That will trap moisture.
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I'm not sure sealing and insulating will keep the moisture out if there is no heat source. Also insulation by itself won't necessarily keep the shed warm as it will also slow down any heat gain after it's gets cooled down.
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There is a lot of info missing from your post.

First is your location........if you edit your profile to at least say what state you live in it woud give us an idea of the climate you face.

Not sure what you mean by "keep the moisture out".......generally "moisture" when referred to on the inside of a structure is caused by condensation from the humidity inside condensing on wall and window surfaces.
If you are referring to keeping moisture from the outside getting in you must be talking about moisture on the brick wall or this so?

If the moisture is on the brick wall then you need to install insulation on the brick wall and put a good vapor barrier on top of the insulation.
If the brick is below grade then you would also need to apply a waterproofing from the outside.

Heating the space will also help but if this is a unheated space then ventilation that exchanges the inside air will help.
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i live in ireland, so its pretty cold and rainy loads at the moment.
I plan on painting the wall inside with a sealent coat and then 2 or 3 paint coats after. it also help with keeping the place clean becuse i notice cementy dust gathering over time.

Yea i think ur right about the heat and moisture without a heat source. i plan on getting effencent heat bulbs that dont use much energy, but do the job for a small room.

Its the moisture on the walls yes, not so much the floor. theres bitumen on the outside and just need to fix the inside like u said. would damp proof membrane work for on the wall or insulation?
im also building a warmer roof (extra space and insulation) would D.P.M be ok to use on that also when im building th roof, either before or after the osb is on ?
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If you have the space sealed you need to insulate the cold surface and apply a vapor barrier to the warm side which will be the inside wall.
You will also need to have some form of air change or ventilation in the space, relative to what you will be doing in there.

If you do not spend much time in the space then a minimal amount of air changes are needed but if you spend a lot of time, have several people or maybe cook food then you will have to up the ventilation accordingly.

An properly sized exhaust fan on a timer might work for you.
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I wasent plan on insulating the inside of the wall because the rooms quite small and it would make it probley a foot or so smaller. but this is an idea of the leak i have, bare in mind theres ALOT of rain at the moment and i still need to control the rainfall with the new roof, overhanging the builing a good bit for the run off and add gutter run off, and things should be dry
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I noticed it pushing its way in depending on how much it rains. this is the worst its been, so im getting right on it.

But as ur saying for the vapour barrier, the breathable membrane that they rap houses in is quite expencive. Is damp proof membrane like the thick plastic ok to use instead ?
and is there a good thin-ish insulation that doent absorbe damp/ cold moisture from the wall ?

This was my first project build so im still trying to perfect it as i go

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