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I have an overpoured back patio (concrete-with a few cracks). I have been studying all the ways I can think of to make this into a Florida room with a lot of windows that can be opened, but with a fairly even temperature. We get down to the low 20's every other year or so and in summer get up to almost 100. There is very little shade in this area and I would need to use the room to house several different species of birds, iguana & various other lizards. I would also like to have a ceiling fan. The patio is 12' X 23'. I REALLY need to be very economical in this attempt and have thought about using 4x4's for braces attached some way to the house and spaced wherever needed. I have also thought that a fan could be attached to one of the support beams for the roof and just plugged into the outlet on the side of the house(?). I am open to any and all suggestions! Thank you for any help! Iggy1
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A Florida room with a lot of windows, built to code, will not be inexpensive.
You need to check with your local Building Inpsector to see what is required.
Good Luck!
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Mike is right, it will not be an inexpensive project. Depending on how you go about it, what you use for windows and roofing, you can figure at least $75/sq.ft., and could easily have it come in at twice that amount. Are you sure you want to put this room on a slab that has "a few cracks" in it?

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