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Question Heating greenhouse

I have just inheired my father in law species orchids and I need to build a greenhouse it will be PVC and Plastic 6or 4 mil plastic
from a roll . I need to keep the heat in it up in the 70-80's , I live in douglasville ga. I would like any help on what kind of heater or heat lights I should use to get this effect. or any other help about the greenhouse would be nice , I have 12 plants in a 40gal fish tank now with a grow blub and fan and they are doing great . but in a month i will have over 100 plants some the cost over $200 so I dont want to kill them . thanks for the help
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Trent Bridley
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I live in the northern part of Kentucky. My green house is a
steel hoop with a uv poly greenhouse cover, only a single layer.
It is 14 feet wide and 32 feet long, with a dirt floor. I heat it with a 55,000 BTU torpedo heater (forced air kerosene) with the accessory thermostat. I also use a 22,000 BTU kerosene heater in the start up when I have seeds just starting off, just as a back up in case the electric goes out. You have to remember that with any type of unit using electric, you should have some backup type of heat. When I am starting up I put the kerosene heater in the center and turn it to its lowest setting. I put the forced air heater at the end opposite the door. I hang the thermostat about 7 ft from the floor just ahead of the heater and give it a setting of 70 degrees. This seems to be working alright for me. I just purchased a 275 gallon oil tank and I'm going to have it filled with K-1 fuel. It will be cheaper this way and I won't have the hassle of going to a station and getting 5 gallon cans filled. The amount of fuel you will use will be dependant on how tight your structure is, how may layers of poly you have, (this is putting on anouther layer of poly and leaving an air gap between the sheets of about 3-4 inches. Also it will depend on how often you go in and out and how cold the tempeture is. You might try going to your local library and checkout their selection gardening books. Our library is a branch and they have quite a few books on greenhouses and structures and "how to do its".
hope theis helps and good luck
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greenhouse heating-alert!!!!!!!!!!

Hi again,
I was just up in my greenhouse and I realized that I should have told you something else. First, if you feel that your plants are going to be worth $200.00 apiece then I would strongly advise you to go to the library or buy yourself some books on greenhouse structures and practices. Today it is about 62 outside with winds about 5-10 mph and it is partialy sunny, but it is 76 in the greenhouse with the door and window open. If you are going to be home all the time you can put in a fan and use it manually as I do, or get a fan that is thermostatically controlled. I have had my greenhouse in the spring get well into the hundred degree readings, and your seedlings or plants can't take that kind of heat. These tempetures can get up there very quickly, say a cloudly warm day, and then it clears out and you have good sun and good temperature in the greenhouse. Just want you to be aware.
again good luck

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