compact fluorescent lighting


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compact fluorescent lighting

I would like to go to CFLs as my standard lightbulbs die. It seems like we blow one every two weeks.

We have them in a couple of light fixtures and have had them there for a few years. Are the current CFLs any better in warming up quickly? The older ones we have seems to take a few minutes to reach full brightness which can be a hassle if you are in the dark.
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Originally Posted by mtmike View Post
Are the current CFLs any better in warming up quickly?
Some brands are better than others. I'm mostly familiar with the N:Vision CFLs sold at Home Depot (they have a special, 4-pack of 60w equivs for $4.98 at my local store)...

The recessed ceiling flood type CFLs seem to have the worst run-up time, taking about two minutes to reach full brightness. The smaller 60w equivalents take about 30-60 seconds.

It's a trade-off, though one I can personally live with, since they draw about 1/4th the wattage of incandescents. I especially like that I can sometimes fit in a higher output CFL in watt-limited fixtures like ceiling lights and make the room brighter.

Dimmability may still an issue for you if you have any rheostat-controlled lighting. Although I've seen some CFLs claim dimmer compatibility, I haven't tried any.
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I have a set of 6 GE dimmable R30 CFLs, installed a couple months ago. They are really really good. Much better than I would have thought, and they draw 77% less electricity (15w vs. 65w). Got them (free) as part of a utility-sponsored home energy audit. The auditor said this type bulb varies a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer. He was not impressed with the Sylvania model they had previously carried.

More generally, this manuf to manuf variability probably also applies. We have some 8-year old CFLs that are basically instant-on at full brightness, and some newer ones (particularly the HD brand mentioned above) that take forever to come up to full brightness.

If you want quick response, try GE's. I think the quick ones we have are all GE: dimmables, standard spirals, etc.

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