Attic fans?


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Attic fans?

I was on this site and I found a link for Solar Attic fans. Does anyone know anything about these things? I just have regular vents, no fans.

Here's the link to the blog I found it in...

I also saw something about Wind power generator that installs on the roof. I live in Vegas and it gets pretty windy. Does anyone have a windpower generator and is it worth the investment? My dad built a woodburning heater/waterheater for his house in wisconsin and it cut his gas costs down from $150+ per month to about $20 per month. Huge HUGE difference and now he is in great shape from hauling wood every day, all day. The damn thing cost him almost $10k tho.

There are some good links for green stuff on that blog, even if the articles are kinda generic.

Any info on the wind generator and the Attic Fans would help, I hear the attic fans help reduce attic heat which can make your AC unit work harder and raising your power bills.

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If the attic fan is a ventilator for the attic, such as a wind turbine, then its purpose is to cool the attic.

The whole matter of reducing the load on an air conditioner needs to start with proper sealing of the building and insulation. Cooling the attic either directly with ventilator and indirectly with ridge vents, soffit vents, gable end vents, and such reduce heat in the attic and better serve to facilitate long life in your roofing. The insulation keeps the load from the attic from affecting the conditions in the house. Adequate, proper insulation works for you all year round.

From the Missouri perspective, it seems unlikely that a small wind-driven generator on your roof would produce a significant, valuable amount of power.

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