AC water for lawns


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AC water for lawns

Any reason to not capture the water from your air conditioner drain line for use as gray water? The main drains for AC used to drip outside. Now it is sent to the sewer line for a double hit in energy use - purification to be used again on lawns. Codes may have to be changed, but AC's in hot humid climates generate a lot of water.
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I've always used A/C drain water to water any potted plants outside, or those that need more than a weekly watering. In VA I'd get prob 5 gallons a day in summer, here in AZ its more like 2 or less.
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Its a good idea. I have been using the a/c water for my shrubs for years. No sence in wasting the water. Being in Tx. that adds up to alot of
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I agree - seems like a good idea to me.
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Why was the building code changed?

An AC tech said that AC's used to drain to the outside, but the building code was changed for the main drain to go to the sewer line. Anyone know the reason for the change?

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