Anybody have LEDs in Home Use?


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I don't have much info for you, just a little tid bit. I was talking with an architectural student friend of mine over the 4th of Jul and mentioned LED lighting, and he said that while it has great potential he seemed to believe it was still much too expensive for implementation and he can't draft it into plans due to the cost.
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I was just speaking with our company's contact with Osram Sylvania and he mentioned that they are very close to releasing products that will do more than just accent lighting. The problem is, "very close" is quite the ambiguous term. =)

Looking at the stuff available now, I can't figure out how I would be able to use LED for general lighting in my home.

The one thing you can count on, is that the industry knows we all want it, and they would love to be the first ones to sell it to you!

Brian Dancer
Lighting Specialist

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