Has anyone installed a Power-Save unit?


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Has anyone installed a Power-Save unit?

I came across a site (www.power-save.com) that is selling a power conditioner that supossedly installs directly to the neutral of your homes electrical power panel and somehow reduces the excess electricity that runs through your home which in turn reduces the overall meter reading. I am curious to know if there is anyone out there that has installed one or knows first hand wether or not this is for real.
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It's supposed to do something with the "power factor" ... I think all that's in the box is a couple capacitors... assuming you are talking about the "1200" thing.

Don't waste yer money ... it ain't gonna slow down your electric meter.

In order to fully understand power factor correction, one must be well versed in AC THEORY, understanding 'phasors', AC reactance, leading and lagging currents, etc ... it's pretty complicated.

Very basically, the capacitors in that box will tend to 'spread out' the current drawn, so that the angle between the current and the voltage is closer to zero. In other words, pushing the PEAKS down, and smooshing them out so the current is drawn more evenly. BUT, you are STILL DRAWING THE SAME POWER...

The meters they are using in that demo are not telling the whole truth. You can't measure AC current accurately with any meter unless it's a TRUE RMS reading meter.

The savings they claim is way exaggerated. The ONLY savings that will be obtained is that which may be lost to what are called I2R (I squared R) losses, which result in heating of the wiring, and other distribution devices (circuit breakers, etc). Are your wires hot ? I think not.

If one were able to save ONE PERCENT in a typical residential application with one of these devices, I would be VERY surprised.

In LARGE industrial environments, where electric bills may be in the tens of thousands a month or more, a 1% savings might be significant. In a typical residence, saving 1% (IF you do save that much!) might amount to $1 a month.

So, the box goes for $300, then ya gotta pay an electrician another say $300 ... how long will it take to save $600 at a buck a month ?

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