Solar Air Heaters

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Zazoo - your pictures and narrative are really interesting. Thanks for the detail.

Note that I never said volume of air is irrelevant. I said "Increasing the volume of air heated, or the speed at which the air moves through the system, won't change the btu's you're getting from the collector."

Maybe it's splitting hairs, but the collector produces btu's. The btu's don't change because of more/less air moving through it. However, the btu's in the heated space will increase *faster*, the faster the air moves through the collector.

I'm interested in your "equal level" in/out change on part two of your webpages. I think I follow the theory, but I wonder if you're actually losing in the long run, due to having to use power to move all the naturally cool air from the floor to the higher part of the system.

Did you consider a simple "one way" door on the original bottom vent? A hinged piece of thin plastic, which "blows" open when air moves through it the "right" way, and closes when air tries to move through it the "wrong" way.

By the way, I'm *really* glad you built your own system. I keep running into folks who spend several thousand dollars buying and installing one they found on a website. Then they're embarrassed to admit it, especially when they realize they don't get nearly as much winter sun as the sales brochure told them they'd get.

Edit: sorry you had to remove the blog link. That was *really* interesting and well put.

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There is one thing I noticed with DIY projects regarding water such as solar hot water and rainwater harvesting. They always seems to use products that are more than likely not suitable to potable water use. Garden hoses and PVC pipe should not be used for drinking water.

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