air compressed engine.


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air compressed engine.

i want to try and build a compressed air engine on my go cart. or at last my lawn mower. could someone please help me with this task? I cant find any plans and i have only a basic idea of how to do it... I also need an air compressor, so if anyone has one i could buy or knows where to get one cheap, any help would be appreciated. thanks
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not a very efficiant way to run any thing, for a go cart or lawn mower the air tank would be prohibativly large or run time will be very short. you could use a air starter for the motor. cheap air compressors are not going to last very long for this aplication, the air would need to be very high pressure to store any usefull amount.

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You would probably consume more energy with frequent recharging of the tank than you would save in gas, not to mention the time wasted.
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the auto engine using compressed air is a 4500 psi system so it's not likely you'll be able to come up with something for a small engine application. you could use commercial welding tanks for storage but i know of no reasonable compressor that will give you those kinds of numbers.

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