Natural gas?


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Natural gas?

OK, I have heard a few things about people turning their septic systems into methane gas factory's. I was kind of wondering if anyone had every done this or how much methane (natural gas) one septic system can produce. Would it be enough to run all your gas appliances (stove/oven, heater, dryer, flex fuel car, etc.). Would the septic system work better or need modifications that would make this more or less cost effective?

What we could be looking at is a more or less free form of energy that is being produced daily without the need to refine the product and burns cleaner than petrol products.
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It can be cost effective if you have a lot of manure digesting, some large dairy farms are making methane this way.

As for a single-family home, no way is it cost effective. I doubt that you could produce enough methane to keep an old-fashioned pilot light burning in your furnace.

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