Air filters


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Air filters

Which is more green: a permanent air filter that is cleaned every month; or disposable air filters that are changed every month?

And which option is best for my central air/fan unit? I'd like to get a permanent filter if it doesn't put too much strain on the unit and doesn't end up costing me more in energy consumption. Does anyone have any recommendations or thoughts on this issue?
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An electrostatic filter is a unit killer! There is just to much restriction in it and it does not filter very good. A inch $4 to $6 pleated filter is good. If you need better IAQ a 5 inch media filter would be best like a space guard.
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Alicia, I don't know what a shower timer has to do with a central AC unit. The outdoor (compressor) unit is dry other than when it rains. Between the fan and the heat , the unit is usually dry. At the furnace there is water from condensation and it is designed to drain - usually to the sewer system.

As to filters, I use cheapo pleated filters at about $2.50-$3.00 each in multi packs. Changing monthly only amounts to $36.00 per year but in the "tween" months I change it every other month, saving a little more. Way cheaper than electrostatic and, I believe, more efficient filtering than those permanent foam filters.

Edited to add paragraph.

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