"Power 4 Home " Has anyone heard of him?


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"Power 4 Home " Has anyone heard of him?

"Power 4 Home "
Sounds like he's offering alot more than $200 worth of investment. IS it strictly the method of how to build?

Any good reading recommendations appreciated!

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Hi biketrax,

I saw different reviews, with good and bad experiences. Overall, the fact is that it is not for everyone, for several reasons, including building departments and permits
You can check this article in the website of the U.S. Department of Energy
Making Your Own Clean Electricity
IMO, definitely it is not a work for a standard DIY and the costs are definitely more than $200
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I looked at the site and a few things come to mind.

If it appears too good to be true - - - - -

Yes, large solar arrays and wind generators do work, if you have enough sun and / or sustained wind. The cost is not cheap to set up the systems .

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