What is my Average Wind Speed?


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What is my Average Wind Speed?

All over google I see links where you can enter your zipcode to get your Average Wind Speed, then when you click on the link, it is something different or they want you to pay.

I want to find out if a wind turbine would be cost effective, can someone give me an easy website to determine my avg wind speed.

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Hi cavegas2010

You can check this map
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Can it be narrowed down

Thanks, I have seen the maps, is there a way to narrow it down by zipcode, I need pretty accurate information to find out if its worth buying a wind turbine
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Hi, here is a gov link that may help. Wind Powering America: Small Wind for Homeowners, Ranchers, and Small Businesses

If you want more, dig around on the built it solar web site. He has all kinds or energy related info and I'm sure he has some wind info.
Wind Power Generators -- Windmills

I looked and narrowed the link down to his wind power info.


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