Grey Water Collection System Inquiry


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Grey Water Collection System Inquiry

Hi there; I have been doing a google search trying to find if there are local providers for 'grey water collection systems', but am still looking.

Will likely check directly with local plumbers. Does anyone know, have experience, with grey water collection systems to share info on pricing, etc. I have a smaller home with usually one to two people living here. I generally (very rarely) water a lawn which I hear is the major culprit for water waste.

: )

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Hi Cathy,

Modify search to Gray Water as I think you’ll find a boatload of info . . . see “Searches related to gray water” at bottom of page.

I assume the water you’re wishing to capture is dish, shower, sink, or laundry water, and not rain water coming from a gutter.
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gray water treatment

I was checking into gray water systems years ago with an electric toilet, but the septic system was ten times better, maint free. When you mention gray water to the building dept , they cringe, they are old school and don't want to know anything else. The gray water system I looked at was just a sand and gravel filter that had to be maintained and would only handle the sinks and shower and washer, but on a small scale, you couldn't run a whole house on it, or say 5 people, you would be cleaning it every day. The electric toilet was the same way, you could do it with 2 people, but the thing runs constantly, not very efficient, especially compared to a septic system that is virtually maint free. But that was 25 years ago, things have changed, But they still push the septic systems.
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20+ yrs ago I was painting for a builder in a subdivision that put in gray water systems with every house. This was in fla where sewer systems are a big deal because of the high water table. I don't know if it was the builder/developer's idea or the gov't. Basically they installed a normal sewer system for the commodes and kitchen sink. All the rest went into the gray water drain field. As far as I know those systems worked fine.
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Arizona had a lot of people installing gray water / rain collection systems. The Tucson city gov. eventually ended up letting people use wash water, sink.
Tucson Water—Using Gray Water

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