Solar panel to operate 5A coffe maker?


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Solar panel to operate 5A coffe maker?

The park where I work wants to set up a demonstration solar panel that will operate a 12V coffee maker that apparently draws 3 to 5 Amps.

The solar panel they have is 600 watts.

No-one here is very knowledgeable about electricity. How can we determine if this will work?

Is there a formula that we can use? A site that gives answers to questions like this?


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Watts = volts X amps. You are looking at 360 to 600 watts. By feeding a 12 volt battery from the solar panel, you should have plenty of power for the coffee maker. The big draw is when it is perking, which should not be too long.
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Check out this little guy -> Coffee Maker

Get a deal on it with this -> ***************

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a 600w solar panel is way to much for a coffee maker you would have to connect the coffee maker to a 12v battery, to get the power off the batter you would have to use a power inverter that converts the power to 110w so you coffee maker dont go boom

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