Adding a solar water system to an existing tank?


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Adding a solar water system to an existing tank?

Im looking at adding a small solar hot water system to my vacation home. Id like to keep my costs down so i dont want or really need an elaborate system. I have an existing 40gallong electric tank thats more than plenty for my needs. Im thinking i can add a small system to my tank without having to get an indirect tank.
Does anyone have any experience or advise about adding one. My bais plan so far is to put a check valve on the cold water supply then a diverter T on that with one side going to the electric tank and the other to the panel. Ill put a thermocoupler on the roof panel and have it activate a circulator to keep the water moving between the tank and the panel. My thinking is that the circulator will turn on when say the panel hits 140f and move the water from the tank and pull the colder water from the tank back up into the panel.
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Hi Kit352, Check out this link - lots of info on residential solar.

Solar space heating -- active and passive solar projects for space heating

Great project!
Good luck with it!

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