2 small off-the-grid projects


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2 small off-the-grid projects

Hi! I would like to install myself two small systems,

1. Vent a detached garage through the roof (220 sq ft)
* I might need ~300 CFM
* Smallest available solar fan I can find is 3.2 Amps, 800 CFM. Overkill.

Anything less powerful available?

2. Vent an attic (600 sq/ feet) via gable

* Looking at Amazon, there is no package < $300 that gets rave reviews. Any recommendations as to what to buy on the less expensive end? (I'm aware of the credit...thanks! :>) )

So as to save you time and not exhaust your generosity, is there a pre-existing thread here that provides insight on how to do this, what to purchase, etc?

Two small question too:
  1. Are all thermostats for 12V DC solar systems interchangeable, or are some proprietary? One I am looking at is $70, recommended by the manufacturer. Others are $15.
  2. Is there any point in buying an AC motor and inverter, and trying to put together my own out of well-reviewed components?

Really appreciate any insight. This is a new area for me.
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Solar thermostats

Are 12V thermostats for controlling DC-powered attic vent vans interchangeable, or are some proprietary to the solar cell or motor?

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I combined your two threads on this topic.

Most solar attic vents don't have a thermostat.
The stronger the sun the faster they turn.... which makes sense as more sun = more heat.

I'm not terribly impressed with solar vents and if I was going to install one I'd opt for a larger unit.

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