rehanging storm door


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rehanging storm door

Hello, and may Peace be with you! I need to rehang my aluminum front storm door. I took the frame and all off to paint it. It wasn't hung properly when it was put on--it didn't close right and I couldn' t adjust it out--and I'd like to rehang it correctly. Thank you for any advice you can offer. M
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Place the door in the opening and temporarily install a screw through the top of the frame on the hinged side to keep the door in place. If opening is plumb, use a level on hinged side and put a screw in bottom of frame. Place the latch-side frame and allow 1/8 to 3/16" between door and frame and temporarily screw it to opening. Lay in the top frame member and adjust either of the sides so you have equal clearance on top. You may have to drill new holes or use longer screws if you end up close to any of the old holes in the opening. Only after the frame screws are in do you insert the larger hinge screws (if there is any gap at all between the hinge and wood frame use a shim or it will draw the door out of adjustment). Hope this helps'
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Storm Door/ Thank you

Hey, I appreciate it very much. my printer is out of ink or I'd print your reply out, but I am going to keep it on-screen as I do the job. Again, thanks and peace.

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