Re-building a Pole Barn


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Question Re-building a Pole Barn

One of our local neighbors has a 9 year old pole barn that I have just bought. All of the materials are in excellent shape although I believe we will replace any foundation support posts.

The galvalume roof and tin siding is all in excellent shape and we were able to remove it from the wood skeleton. However, everything was nailed on with 2" long nails with also held a rubber grommet. We'd like to replace those nails with a screw of some description. Thinking we will get the holding power of a 2" nail with a 1.75" long screw, can someone please advise what kind of screw and from whom we should use? I looked at the 9 x 1.75" Osmose screws, but their customer support has no answers. They directed me to this forum.

Any advice on fasteners or anything else gratefully received!
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There is a reason for the rubber grommets on the old nails,it not only acts as a seal,it minimizes the contact surfaces between the two different metals.I would stay with the grommeted nails,even if screws make for easier dissassembly in the future.
The reason I would use the grommeted nails is called "galvanic coupling". If two metals are too far apart on the Galvanic Scale and mechanically fastened together they can cause each other to corrode in wet conditions, particularly acid rain,but regular rain can cause it too.
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I was hoping to use the screw with grommet equivalent of the nail? The roof is galvalume and the walls are treated (I don't know with what) painted tin. Maybe I should stick to nails on the roof? I've heard of zinc coated screws w/grommets. Maybe those on the walls?
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I would highly consider going with screws. I have attached a link to screws and the reasons they should be used versus nails. After building numerous pole barns, the manufacturers required the use of screw fasteners for not only economic reasons but the ability to sustain a leak proof system. The link below offers LIFETIME WARRANTY on the fastener from leaking. EPDM grommets are the best and ensure that the roof will be trouble free. Nails have poor holding ability as you will see. Installation of nails also is a problem, you miss the nail, dent the roof system causing the smallest of fractures to the protective coating of the roof system, the roof will soon fail. Palm nailers have been used but again, if not done right, problems will occur. Also the grommets on nails is not a tubular style but a flat poor quality rubber usually cracking within 5 years after installation.

With what Daniel said is true... in part... but following manufacturers specs, metal roofing prematurely fails due to poor installation and wrong choice of fasteners. The best methods are good quality self-drilling metal screws with EPDM tubular washers. You'll never go wrong and it will last. Cost is slightly higher but what is worse?!

You may want to consult your local lumber yard on metal roofing and applications for confirmation as to what I have mentioned.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks Doug.

I'll call these guys and get a cost for my application.

I'll post a follow up when completed.

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