mounting basketball backboard


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mounting basketball backboard

Need help on how to mount an adjustible basketball backboard on my garage. The backboard and rim are attached to a 3-1/2" pole which is meant to be placed into the ground. I plan on just using just the top section of pole. My plan was to mount the pole directly to the garage using u-bolts. Looking at it, I'm not sure this would be the best way. Getting the thing mounted on a structural piece of the garage is going to be difficult and I need to figure out how not to have the pole rotate inside the u-bolts.

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Any problem using lags? Drill hole through pole and attach 1 lag with washer through pipe into a header or studs, the same as your U-bolts. Make sure lags can anchor into wood at least 3 inches MINIMUM. This will ensure that it stays up and can sustain the abuse.

Option is forget the U-bolts and drill holes through pole and attach 2 - 3 lags with washers through pipe into a header or studs. I assume that this pole is beefy to hand the abuse so it shold be strong for this aaplication. U-bolts will create alot of holes...well at least 1 more than I describe.

Don't forget to use 100% Silicone caulk on the holes through your siding. This will guarantee not problems in the future.

Hope this helped!

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My suggestion is to call the major sporting goods stores, or the sporting goods departments in big chain stores, and find a universal basketball backboard mounting bracket.

It's about $39 and offers a neat, attractive, safe, worry free installation.

The all steel kit comes with good illustrated instructions and all the hardware - quality lag bolts, and all the other nuts and bolts that will be needed. All the tools you'll need are a drill, bit, 9/16 wrenches, a level and tape measure.

The universal bracket resembles a tripod in that it has three legs that meet at a steel plate. Each leg telescopes, and is pre-punched with holes for easy adjustmet.

You lag bolt the base of each leg to a framing member of the garage - the range in the adjustment in each of the legs makes it possible, whatever your stud spacing might be. (These legs get lag bolted at 3 o'clock, 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock). Then you discard the pipe and bolt your backboard directly to the steel plate - which is prepunched with holes to match any backboard.

It looks great when you're done.

PS: My neighbor once did an installation as Doug has described which worked just fine. He later changed the lag bolts to long threaded rods which he put through holes in drilled in the pipe, through the garage and through plywood sheets he used as a backer.

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