drilling hand seeded aggregate


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drilling hand seeded aggregate

We recently put in a pool with hand seeded aggregate decking. Now we have decided to run a 4 foot iron fence with 6 foot panels across a portion of it. I had 2 questions before I started. 1. Since cosmetic looks is a big concern I was worried about a hammerdrill and masonary bit chipping out around the edges of the hole. Would renting a core drill be a safer option. 2. I was planning on using two 1/2" bolts per a post what is the most rigid concrete anchor to use for this. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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I would not use a core drill as it might jump too much to get it started. A hammer drill with a good bit I think would do the trick nicely. Start off slow then increase speed.

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I would use the Concrete Single or Double Expansion Anchor. The latter is a really good anchor, mostly used on concrete stair railings. Option is the Lead Shield Anchor

Use a stainless steel bolt

Hope this helps!
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Rent a coring drill rig on a weel around stand. The last one i rented even had an aspirator that ran on the garden hose to create a vacuum and pull the base down. They are sort of like a portable drill press for coring.
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I'm not sure what kind of cement decking your talking about so Im not sure if this is the best method for you, but I install metal railings into cement and have to core through ceramic tile in like toco belles, schools, loading docks, department stores and core drilling is the way to go verses an ugly anchor sticking out.

If you have at least 3 1/2" of concrete under the hand seeded decking use a core drill ( drill Rig ) and be carefull,start slow and let the rig drill it self so you dont bind the bit and for anchoring use a hydraulic cement and mix it to the consistancy of pancake batter, dont fill the holes to the top on the first try leave a 1/4" down and after it hardens fill them to the top so water does'nt stay in the holes and make sure the fence is where you want it before you mix the cement in the summer it sets in about 4 minutes.
If you go this route you will have a steady fence for life, however I'm not sure if this is what I would call a doit yourself project.

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