Removing Rusted Bolts


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I have some rusted bolts to remove from an outside pipe. What is the best method to use to loosen them enough where I can cut them off if not able to unscrew them.
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Try a "rust-buster" like Liquid Wrench on them. Squirt some on the bolt and then gently tap the head of the bolt with a hammer. That helps the liquid work its way into the threads. I haven't seen many bolts that won't come out using this method, but you have to be patient. It would work best if you could repeat the above process a few times a day for a week or so. If you don't have a time or the patience (I often don't!) and you can cut them off if they won't screw out (meaning you don't really need to get the whole bolt out ever) then just clamp onto them with a vise-grip and crank on them. The heads should just twist off, saving you the trouble of cutting them off. There are some other more "advanced" methods of removing rusted bolts, so re-post here if this doesn't get it.
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OK, well i have been working on my 67 camro recently and im changing the rear leaf springs, so while i was working on removing the rear shackle i found that it wont budge. I have tried everything that i can think of including using liquid wrench day aqfter day after day. I also am not able to cut it off because i am not able to get a cutting tool in there. I have no clue what to do.
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Daveydave, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
You may have to invest in a torch to heat the nut. Bernzomatics are not like a Oxy/acetylene in they are not as hot but should expand the nut enough to allow you to loosen it. Put the heat on the nut only. Wipe off as much of the liquid wrench as you can before using the torch as it is flammable. Do not spray with L.W. after heating. Bernzomatics are available at hardwares , home centers and Walmart for less than $20.00. Good luck and reply back with any other questions.
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Can you get a dremel with a small cut-off wheel in there?
I've also used nut-splitters for that
Also I've bit the bullet and cut the U-bolt before, but only once that I can remember
If the heat doesn't work, the dremel won't fit, and the nut splitter doesn't work, than it was the the U-bolt's destiny to be cut
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Being as I'm an old avionics guy, I know the answer to this one
-A good impact driver and a 6lb. sledge -works for me almost every time

"delicacy and finesse, the hallmark of good avionics"
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...or the ever-popular
"Air Operated Hammer w/Chisel"
Don't get to use that much but when I do...
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FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! YES! FIRE! In my best Beavis voice.

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Try Pepsi
works for me

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Never tried Pepsi, or Coke, on frozen fasteners. Sure works good cleaning battery posts though. There's a penetrating spray I've had pretty good luck with a product called PB Blast or Blaster or something with PB in it. I think you can get it at Wally World and most auto parts stores. Be forewarned, the stuff is stinky.


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