mailbox crisis


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mailbox crisis

hi group, we have a standard metal mailbox which has been mortared into a brick column. sadly, the mailbox door has rusted and fallen off, only to be run over by the mail carrier. how do i fix this? replace the door somehow? use coat hanger and duct tape? replace the entire box? i don't think i can get the existing mailbox out without dynamite

thanks for any thoughts..
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My cure!

I have a similar setup and the rivets holding the door in place rusted out. I drilled the holes a little larger and used a small bolt & washer with a double nut to fix it. The double nut permitted a little play so the door would open yet would not fall off after continuous use. If the "ears" on the existing box haven't rusted this should work for you...after taking the door off a new mailbox!
If the ears are gone, could you rivet a small 90*angle iron to the bottom of the box to make a new set of ears?
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thanks sandy2000, that sounds like a solution! i'll just have to go out tonight with a flashlight and get a new mailbox door...ha
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Door Falling Off Brick Mailbox

This can be a fairly simple process, though it will sound difficult. You will need a hammer, prybar (a little longer than the box itself) and a little caulking(unless you have mortar available). First loosen the old mailbox by hammering the old box inward from top to bottom and side to side. Once you have a little movement in the box use the prybar to fold the box in on its self. Keep folding by hammering and prying until the old box slips out. Try to replace the old box with a new one the same size and shape. The old door will be a good guage for size and shape, so take it with you to purchase the new box. More than likely you will have to trim some of the old mortar out of the opening to fit the new box in. This can be done by LIGHTLY tapping the mortar around the opening. Some boxes also have a lip around the back or bottom that can be bent down until they fit. Now slide the new box in but don't force it too much. If it doesn't fit fairly easily chip away a little more mortar. Otherwise the new box will come out like the old one. Once the new mailbox is in place use the caulking (or mortar) to fill in the gap around the new box. This will usually take a couple of hours so be patient. If this still sounds like too much work, ask a local mason to do the job. Be weary though, Masons are expensive!!!

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